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Ultra Rapid Opioid Detox in 4-6 hours!

Clear Minds LLC is your local Ultra Rapid Opioid Detox (UROD) center.  By combining the traditional detox experience with recent cutting-edge medical technology, we are able to provide a quick and convenient detox treatment lasting only 4-6 hours.  Our advanced detox techniques target and remove receptors related to physical and psychological cravings.  With the advent of new drugs and anesthesia techniques, we are able to administer safer and lighter doses of anesthesia when compared with traditional methods.  This process, lasting 4-6 hours, cut off 99% of the time needed in a traditional 28-day detox program.  Our treatment philosophy is based upon the concept of abstinence.  To help stop craving, you will be given an opioid antagonist (lasting 30 days) to assist you with your recovery. When you visit us, your safety and discretion are our top priorities.  We will be there for you as you transition into a new life. 

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